Board of Health of the Licking County Combined General Health District

Local Boards of Health are established by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 3709 which outlines the powers of the local Boards of Health including nuisance abatement and communicable disease control. Powers and duties of Boards of Health and Health Commissioners are outlined in ORC Chapter 3707.

Local Health Districts are established by ORC Chapter 3709. Each health district is a separate political subdivision, similar to a school district, with an appointed Board of Health. Each district has a Health Commissioner who reports to the Board of Health. There are general health districts (county), city health districts and combined health districts (county and city). There are currently 116 districts in Ohio. The Licking County Health Department serves the Combined General Health District of Licking County, including the cities of Newark, Heath, Pataskala, and Johnstown.

Licking County General Health District Board of Health members are appointed by a District Advisory Council made up of the president of the board of county commissioners, the mayor of each village, and the chairman of the board of township trustees of each township in the general health district. The mayors of Newark, Heath, Johnstown, and Pataskala also appoint representatives to the board. Board of Health members serve 5 year terms and are eligible for compensation for attending monthly board meetings of $80.00.

The Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30PM in the 3rd floor conference room of the Licking County Health Department, located at 675 Price Road in Newark.

Licking County Board of Health Member Roster

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Board of Health Meeting Information

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