COVID-19 Information

LCHD, along with ODH and CDC, is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19.

Wellness Services

Improving personal and population health status, while emphasizing prevention.

Community Services

Providing exceptional public health services that meet needs of the residents.

Environmental Services

Investigating health problems and environmental public health hazards

The Licking County Health Department

The Mission of the Licking County Health Department is to Prevent Disease, Protect the Environment, and Promote Healthy Lifestyles for those who work, live, or play in Licking County. Our Vision is that our work will lead to Healthy People, Living in Healthy Communities, in Licking County.


Licking County COVID-19 Information

Licking County COVID-19 Data as of 02/28/21:

Today, there are 18 new COVID-19 cases in the Licking County Health Jurisdiction. Yesterday there were 35 new cases within 24 hours.

LCHD is reporting 9,726 cumulative confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Licking County Health Jurisdiction. In addition, there are 3,863 cumulative probable cases, 13,055 recovered and closed cases, and 181 COVID-19 deaths. The average age of all COVID-19 deaths in the Licking County Health Jurisdiction is 76 and ranges from 34-103.

There are 353 total active cases today. Yesterday’s reported active case total was 370. There are 4 current hospitalizations.

Click this link to learn more about the COVID-19 case definitions for probables, recovered, closed, and deaths, and to learn about Licking County’s reported data here.

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LCHD News & Updates

Featured Programs

Project Dawn

Reducing Overdose Deaths

Project Dawn distributes the opioid overdose reversal medication, naloxone, to local residents who know someone at risk of overdose or live or work in an area where they are likely to encounter an overdose victim. This project works with our Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention (PDOP) program to reduce unintentional overdoses due to prescription and illicit drug use.


Reducing Infant Mortality

Programs promoting healthy babies and moms include: At-risk pregnancy consultations, Newborn home visits, Pack and Play/Cribs for Kids, Safe Sleep training, Child Safety Seats, WIC, Early Head Start, and Immunization.

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