Heath City and Licking Township

Heath City and Licking Township Trails

Heath City and Licking Township

Hoback Park in Heath offers a wonderful summer walk along the Licking River from Heath High School through the park to Irving-Wick Drive East. With grant funds, the corridor was extended to the River Oaks subdivision and when the bridge on State Route 79 underwent renovation, an under-bridge bikeway was included to allow safe passage across State Route 79. The bikeway connects to the Heath City Water Park and a tunnel underneath Irving-Wick Drive East. In 2008 the path was extended in the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center.

In 2012 the Buckeye Scenic Trail, an expansion of the trail from Heath south through Licking Township to Lakewood High School was completed.

Trail access and parking:

  • Parking is available at the Heath Municipal complex located at 1287 Hebron Rd, Heath OH 43056
  • Hoback Park has parking and facilities available at 42 Dorsey Mill Rd E, Heath OH 43056.
  • When school in not in session, parking is available at the Heath High School at 300 Licking View Dr., Heath OH 43056 and at Lakewood High School, 9331 Lancer Rd SE, Hebron OH 43025



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