Promoting Childhood and Adolescent Health and Wellness

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Building a strong foundation for lifelong health can prevent a variety of health issues as adults. LCHD emphasizes youth health promotion programs that lead to adopting healthy habits when young and providing an education that empowers our children to make informed decisions about their health as the grow up.

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3rd Grade Partners in Wellness Program

LCHD offers the Partners in Wellness Program to all third grade students in Licking County. The program is a free, comprehensive, year-long wellness program presented to 74 classrooms in 11 school districts.

Health Educators visit the classrooms to provide each child with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to make and practice health decisions that are best for them. The program covers all aspects of wellness including physical, social and emotional health. Half-hour classroom presentations are delivered once every two weeks.

Students learn through interactive activities, videos, experiments and role playing. Some teachers incorporate homework assignments related to the topic. When funds are available, students receive incentives to remind them of the lessons learned and to prompt them to share the lesson with their parents.

Lessons Include:

  • Introduction to Wellness - Students are introduced to the concept of wellness and how it includes their physical, emotional and social health.
  • Communicable Disease Control - Proper hand washing, bacteria and viruses, preventing the spread of germs. (Experiments are included in this lesson - 2 days)
  • Heart Health - The role the heart plays in the body and how to keep your heart healthy. (Video utilized)
  • Proper Nutrition - Kids learn about the MyPlate food model and how to eat to be healthy and strong.
  • Physical Activity - The benefits of living a physically active life for overall wellness. What amount of exercise is appropriate for good health.
  • Tobacco Use and Vaping Prevention - Tobacco and vaping and how it affects the body, secondhand smoke, and the concept of addiction.
  • Dental Health - About teeth and the function of each tooth, plus proper tooth care. (Puppet used to demonstrate proper brushing techniques.
  • Stress Management - Good and bad stress, and how stress can affect health. Positive ways to cope with stress.
  • Personal Hygiene - The importance of good hygiene - including bathing and personal grooming.
  • Medication safety - Importance of being safe with medications, including over the counter medications.
  • Summer Safety - Students learn about bike safety and the importance of wearing a proper fitting bike helmet.

School Districts Participating

  • Granville Intermediate School
  • Granville Christian Academy
  • Heath - Stevenson Elementary
  • Johnstown-Monroe
  • Licking Heights - South and West
  • Licking Valley Elementary
  • Newark - Ben Franklin, Legend, Carson
  • Northridge Primary
  • North Fork - Utica and Newton
  • Par Excellence Academy
  • Southwest Licking - Pataskala Elementary

This program is supported through the LCHD general fund and by the support of grants and donations. If you are interested in providing support to help maintain this program please call (740) 349-6491 or email us.

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