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Food Safety Inspections

The Licking County Health Department conducts inspections all the Food Service Operations (FSOs) and Retail Food Establishments (RFEs) in Licking County. FSOs consist of traditional restaurants and school cafeterias where the food is eaten on-site, while RFEs normally consist of convenience stores, carryout and delivery only restaurants and supermarkets. We conduct a minimum of two inspections at every FSO and RFE in the county each year. Our staff also inspects mobile FSOs and RFEs that are selling food at festivals and other events around the county. This includes concession trailers and food trucks. Our sanitarians perform over 1,100 food safety inspections each year.

We are pleased to be able to provide our inspection reports to the public on our website. We hope you find the reports useful, and please do not hesitate to contact us at (740) 349-6535 or with any questions or concerns. We also inspect vending machines that sell sandwiches and other foods that must be kept at the proper temperature in order to remain safe to eat. We inspect temporary food service operations which are commonly set up at a special event for a limited time. Vending and Temporary inspections are not available on-line at this time.


Campground, Public Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections

All public campgrounds, swimming pools and spas in Licking County are licensed and inspected by the LCHD. Campgrounds include recreation camps, Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks, combined park-camps, and temporary campgrounds. Public pools include community pools as well as those found at campgrounds, hotels, condos, apartment complexes, athletic clubs and some subdivisions. Water quality and swimmer safety are documented at each inspection. Pools are typically inspected six times per year.



Household Sewage Treatment System, Private Water Supply and Plumbing Permits

Sewage, well and plumbing permits for homes in Licking County can be  viewed by searching our database. Permit records for the previous 40 years have been scanned and can be viewed on-line; older records are generally not available. Hosting searchable records is of value to homeowners, home buyers, realtors, property inspectors and contractors. If you have any questions, call the Environmental Health Division at (740) 349-6475.