Data and Reports


Annual Reports

LCHD provides annual and mid-year reports that are shared with the public via mailings, email lists, social media posts and meeting presentations. The report is a snapshot of the Health Department's activities for that set period of time.

2018 Annual Report
2018 Mid-Year Report
2017 Annual Report
2017 Mid Year Report
2016 Annual Report

2016 Mid Year Report
2015 Annual Report
2015 Mid Year Report
2014 Annual Report
2014 Mid Year Report
2013 Annual Report
2013 Mid Year Report
2012 Annual Report

Health Assessment

Communicable Disease Reports

Diagnosing and investigating health problems and health hazards in the community. Ohio law requires that certain communicable diseases be report to the local health department within set time frames according to the ODH Infectious Disease Control Manual. Here is the Ohio Mandatory Reportable disease List. LCHD also has established a Flu reporting system with local healthcare providers to track influenza rates in the county.




Flu Report

2018 Licking County Influenza Reports (updated weekly during flu season)
2017 Licking County Influenza Reports
Flu Dashboard
Flu Guidance and Information

Communicable Disease Reports

2019 Licking County Monthly Communicable Disease Report(updated monthly)
2018 Licking County Monthly Communicable Disease Report
2018 Communicable Disease Annual Report
2017 Communicable Disease Annual Report
2016 Communicable Disease Annual Report

2018 West Nile Virus Positive Mosquito Trap Locations

2018 WNV Map